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Ladies Styling Class! A class to empower women! Spice up your dance, unleash your sensuality, feel sexy, get your confidence back! Suitable for beginners.

NOTE: We are alternating between two dance styles - One week is salsa, one week is bachata, and so on.

What we cover:
- Basic steps and how to spice them up
- Technique
- Musicality
- Footwork
- Arm-work
- Confidence projection
- Dance Dynamics & Expression

About the dances:

Salsa is a popular form of social dance. Its moves are a combination of Afro-cuban dance, Son, cha-cha-cha, mambo and other dance forms. Both salsa dance and salsa music saw an accelerated development in in New York, during the mid-1970s. Different regions in Latin America & US, formed different salsa styles. Some of the most known are Cuban, L.A. and New York styles. Salsa dance was something that in time brought people together, dancing at social gatherings and celebrations and the party still continues!

Bachata is a popular form of social dance with very romantic moves. This dance has Dominican Republic origins, but it has grown to have many different styles. The basics of Bachata include Cuban hip motion achieved throughout three steps, following by a tap with hip movement. After every tap, there is a change of direction. Some of the most known bachata styles are ‘Bachata Sensual’ and ‘Moderna’.


Suitable for absolute beginners. We cover the basic steps and technique on footwork, armwork, hip-actions. As well as that, we learn how to do styling on the basic steps you learn on the day of the class.


Suitable for Intermediate to Advance level (If you do not know the basics please attend the beginners class at 7.30pm). To be able to attend this class you should already be comfortable with - SALSA: Basic, Side Step, Right Turn - BACHATA: Basic, Basic in Place, Forward and Backward Step, Right and Left Turn

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