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TLAD Services and COVID19

  • All participants should wear a mask for the class. If you do not have one, our school will be able to provide that for you for a small fee. 

  • The student/client should keep the safe distance of two meters from the instructor, ensuring the social distancing instructions are in place. This is again to that we minimize the risk of the disease spreading, protect both our teachers and clients.

  • Clients should ensure that they wash their hands after travelling to the school so that there is minimal risk of spreading the disease through touching surfaces. Our school will also provide antiseptic gel to have in the class for our client’s use.


The venue and COVID19

  • The venue is following government instructions and is performing regular cleaning to the premises. Each studio will be cleaned before and after each session, to ensure that we lower the risk of spreading the disease through touch.


Online Classes

  • Our school had to adapt to the lock-down circumstances and we now offer our services online. Online classes are still an option, so make sure that you contact us if you are interested in booking for online sessions instead.


Group Classes

  • Please keep an eye on our website for updates and in your mail.

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