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Kids Dance Classes

Dance classes classes are not only the best way to keep your children physically active, they also come with many other benefits.

Dance Lessons teach kids discipline and dedication, as it requires them to pay attention and practise. These are skills that children will take away and use at school, and generally later in life.

Dance will introduce kids into music and rhythm knowledge and understanding. Musicality  has been linked to higher general intelligence (FSIQ), working memory (WMI), verbal intelligence (VIQ), and attention skills.

Kids that attend dance classes, are able to have a generally better perception of space, which means that it allows a better visual interpretation. This also leads to better understanding of kinetics and their own movement, improving coordination skills.

Dance classes will allow your kid to yield a lot of benefits and most importantly feel more confident and happy! At The London Academy of Dance we are not only committed to providing an enjoyable and fun class to your kids, we also make sure that we deliver a safe class with good technique (all classes taught be professionals), and a class where your kid will learn something new and feel accomplished every single time!

Kid Playing with Bubble
Image by Christian Bowen
Young Ballerinas
Young Ballet Dancer
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