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St Luke's Millwall, Alpha Grove, London E14 8LH

Nearest Transport Stations:
South Quays (6min walk)
Canary Wharf - Cabot Square (13min walk)

Easiest Route from South Quays: Walk down Mastmaker Road and take the passage on your right (it is between a brick wall with 'Mastmaker Court' sign and 'Cubo Apartments'). The passage ends on Alpha Grove Street, where you will see St Luke's Millwall on our left.

Mulberry Sports Centre, 224 Anthony Street E1 2NE

Nearest Transport Stations:

Aldgate East (10min walk)
Shadwell (8min walk)
Whitechapel (11min walk)

ENTRANCE from Commercial Road, After Loyds Bank and before Tesco, opposite McDonalds

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