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Salsa is a popular form of social dance. Its moves are a combination of Afro-cuban dance, Son, cha-cha-cha, mambo and other dance forms. Both salsa dance and salsa music saw an accelerated development in in New York, during the mid-1970s. Different regions in Latin America & US, formed different salsa styles. Some of the most known are Cuban, L.A. and New York styles. Salsa dance was something that in time brought people together, dancing at social gatherings and celebrations and the party still continues!

BEGINNERS - LA Style Salsa On-1

Take your first steps into Salsa, one of the most famous social dance styles! Classes to equip you with all the basics you need to know to

kickstart your learning. We are teaching LA style, On-1 This class covers couples dance work. We cover leaders and followers tips, general technique, footwark, armwork, poise and posture, musicality and timing. We teach Salsa On-1 Schedule - Rotation of the following weeks: EVERY WEEK - Basic Step (Mambo break), Side Step (Cucaracha), Leading and following exercises (first 15minutes) Week 1 - Right Turn Ladies, Right Turn Men Week 2 - Cross Body Lead Week 3 - Left Turns + Shine


If you already know the basics and you want to challenge yourself with more dancing tricks, more dancing figures, learn new routines for salsa, then this is the class for you. Pre-requisites: Basic, Side step, Right and Left Turn, Cross Body Lead, Latin Cross.


This class is not a continuation of other classes so you are welcome to just drop in. We will cover couples dance work: Leaders and followers tips, general technique, footwork, arm-work, poise and posture, musicality and timing. By the end of each class we will have a new complete dance routine.

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