The London Academy of Dance offers both private dance classes online, as well as online group dance classes. Learn your favorite dance and take your skills to the next level, from the comfort of your own home. We are proud to be partners with MoveGB and ClassPass - two of the biggest activity providers in the UK, so if you have a membership with one of our partners, do not hesitate to book your spot for a group class from them.


Live-stream online group dance classes allow you to touch base and join forces with people who do not want to stop practicing, or taking their dance skills to the next level. With these classes with surpass boundaries and reach people that for a variety of reasons, cannot attend our face to face classes. TLAD was able to provide its services to people that were too far way from our studio, had little time for travelling, felt conscious dancing around other people and therefore avoided face to face classes. Of course, 2020 was also a difficult time were almost the whole was in lockdown, and having online dance classes, made learning and progressing in dance possible!

Latin Dance - Ladies Styling

A class to empower women! Spice up your dance, unleash your sensuality, feel sexy, get your confidence back. Online classes for beginners-intermediate level. And all that from the comfort of your own home! Get you game on, with my Lorena Savvidou.

Live classes, for live questions, so that there are no questions unanswered.

  • Basic steps and how to spice them up, Technique, Musicality, Footwork, Arm-work

  • Confidence projection, Dance Dynamics and Expression


About the dances:

Salsa is a popular form of social dance. Its moves are a combination of Afro-cuban dance, Son, cha-cha-cha, mambo and other dance forms. Both salsa dance and salsa music saw an accelerated development in in New York, during the mid-1970s. Different regions in Latin America & US, formed different salsa styles. Some of the most known are Cuban, L.A. and New York styles. Salsa dance was something that in time brought people together, dancing at social gatherings and celebrations and the party still continues!

Bachata is a popular form of social dance with very romantic moves. This dance has Dominican Republic origins, but it has grown to have many different styles. The basics of Bachata include Cuban hip motion achieved throughout three steps, following by a tap with hip movement. After every tap, there is a change of direction. Some of the most known bachata styles are ‘Bachata Sensual’ and ‘Moderna’.

Ballet Fitness

Total body Ballerina Workout! A 45-minute dance fitness class that will both get your heart rate up and make you achieve that lean toning effect you are looking for. Gradual routine progression, building up to leg-toning exercises, 'pliés' and 'grand battement' powerful kicks that will get your heart rate up throughout. The class 'finale' incorporates mat-work with ballet-inspired excruciating stomach crunches and then a wind-down to deep stretching and a cool-down. This will be taught by or ballet teacher Ornella, click here to find more about her.

What will I need for the class?

You do not need a lot of space, you do not need a barre, you can use a chair for balance to make up for a barre or even your wall. For the cool down there will be some floor stretching, so if you can put your matt on the floor or if you do not have one, do it on your carpet or put a thick bed sheet to act as a cushion to the floor surface.


A dynamic class that aims to keep the energy flowing through movement exercises and choreography. Feel connected with your body, relax your mind and find joy in finding your own movement expression with Ines. This class is suitable for all levels of experience and you can take it in all kinds of spaces at home

The class will be taught by Ines, to learn more about her click here.


Learn your favorite dance and take your skills to the next level, from the comfort of your own home. Private classes are the best way to accelerate your learning. This is because you have the undivided attention of your trainer, that will allow you to be challenged at a speed appropriate to your level. Also, if you would like to focus on something very specific, rather than getting a good ground knowledge of the dance that you are interested in general terms, then private classes are the way to go. Take the classes at a time that is best suited for you and since it is online, take it at the best place for you!


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