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Wedding Dance



Even though I was a bit slow to get into the right rhythm - no-one noticed and the wedding photographer even said it was the best wedding dance she had seen - and she sees a lot!


Thanks for everything.


The dance went really well...including the big finish! Thank you for all your help, everyone said how nice it was and we're really glad we did it.


Thanks so much for teaching us to dance. You really were very patient with us and didn't make us do anything cheesy or the "hip wiggling moves" Jon was dreading when we first emailed you! We had so much fun at the lessons and we know our families were very impressed....and very surprised with us on the day - I think they expected a side to side shuffle and they still can't quite believe that Jon can lead!! I also think that Jon, despite his previous protests that he hates dancing, has secretly been converted as he has agreed to come to more lessons with me at some stage in the near future!


This is just a quick message to say thanks so much for the dance lessons. We really enjoyed them and you'll be pleased to hear that the dance was an incredible success! Everyone said we looked professional and how impressed they were with it. David was particularly pleased to hear this as he was initially very skeptical about having dance lessons but not only did he enjoy them, he's now talking about joining one of your classes once we get back from our honeymoon. Thanks again for your patience and understanding, you made learning to dance for the wedding so fun for us that it became such a pleasure to do.



The wedding went absolutely brilliantly - it was a perfect day! Everyone loved the dance - and all piled onto the dance floor afterwards to continue boogying! We were really happy with it. Thank you both for your help!


The wedding dance went down a storm! Everybody loved it. So glad we had the lessons, it was the perfect way to finish off the day.


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